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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello there!

If you know me, its been a long time coming. I’ve been talking about starting a faith & lifestyle blog for 3 years now. However, we all know its not time to move till He says so.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Michele! WELCOME!!! 🙂

I’m a Child of God.

I’m married to my dream dude, Amner Fernandez<3

I’m 23 years young… (If only aging can stop here!)

I’m a lifestyle/blogger photographer.

Hopefully, as this blog unfolds you will get to know me more! Some of you may be wondering why I started a blog, and I have three reasons why!

  1. I needed a space online to get my testimonies, messages, opinions & experiences across. My life has been one crazy whirlwind that I am so grateful for and can not wait to continue experiencing it. Why not document it?
  2. I have sooo many interests beyond photography, content creating and health. I am a coffee enthusiast, essential oil lover & grocery store fanatic. OH, thats not all: I find cooking to be one of my creative plug-ins.  I enjoy finding creative ways to do things such as, exercising, eating and doing laundry!
  3. Although I have a lot to say, I love to connect with others. This blog is not intended to be a one way street. Its open. I want this to be a safe space for anyone who is seeking one.


  • Christ-centered things. No seriously, it can be anything. Testimonies, what I’m currently reading with notes, lessons learned, Bible reviews, SRT follow alongs. ANYTHING.
  • REVIEWS UPON REVIEWS. I am a heavy Amazon & Trader Joes buyer and I love trying new things. Pictures will be included! (gotta make things look cute, ya know)
  • Essential Oil everything… Yes, I’m a total millennial, I know.
  • Vegan recipes & kitchen hacks!
  • Photography tips and tricks here and there. I have my own photo blog HERE if you’re interested in checking it out.
  • Marital lessons, date ideas, things we’ve learned & how things change over time.
  • Home anything. We just moved into our first home and I’m currently typing on the only table in the house 🙂 (as of now) ex. building & choosing furniture, DIYs, organization tips and hacks, etc..


  • Who I was vs. who I am
  • Why Morning Aria?
  • Starting a Blog (detailed version)
  • Working for influencers
  • Essential Oil Hauls
  • Current blends
  • Fall in Miami
  • Pantry Organization
  • 2018 best Amazon Products
  • Journey to Marriage


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