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Young Living EO’s

It finally came in the mail and I haven’t stopped researching the different ways I can use my starter kit! Ahhh!

Heres the thing, I have been following Young Living for 2 years now. I have bought their Thieves essential oil through my sister in law and have gone back to her for it over and over. I figured that its their best seller and thats all I needed from them. I was doing fine ( So I thought) with my essential oils that I would occasionally buy from TJ Maxx & Whole Foods… But then it hit me, there were serious red flags!

For one, I couldn’t use this oils topically without them drying out my skin or affecting me negatively… I tried using an over the counter citrus oil from one of these stores in my water and it tasted like pure chemicals. I immediately freaked out and wandered why I almost put into my body… It led to weeks of research and serious study on what makes an oil a quality one.

WAIT, I forgot to mention… I had to throw away an essential oil named “Breathe” because the moment I diffused it I had the biggest migraine. I just knew there was something up with these so called “oils”


During my research I found out that companies are allowed to claim a bottle of oil as a 100% pure essential oil but it only has to contain 5% of what the oil claims to be… In other words there is another 95% that be artificial fillers, fragrances, extenders & you name it! Isn’t that just wrong…?

So I crawled back to my sister in law and she told me “Just do your research and you will see why YL is the best source for your oils, its beyond Thieves!”

No pitch, no need to sell… It was true. ALL OF IT.

Young Living truly stands apart in the essential oil world. Their farms set high standards for everything they do from planting to harvesting. They pay close attention to every aspect as they grow quality ingredients in order to produce the best Therapeutic-Grade essential oils.

One thing I learned throughout this experience is that we can’t trust over the counter brands as much as we may think. There is a reason for them not being able to call themselves “Therapeutic-Grade essential oils” even though they found their way around the marketing world and claim to be 100% essential oil (I mean, give me a break)

Also, the starter kit brought a little surprise, an eleventh oil! I was going to order Stress Away in my first Essential Rewards order after reading its benefits! So this was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Facetune_28-09-2018-12-31-09 2

ANYWHO. I already have a favorite fall blend that I will be sharing soon! It only took me 48 hours! (heart eye emoji should go here! LOL)

The starter kit brought the Desert Mist defuser, which is AMAZING!!! (That candle setting tho…) 2 NingXia Red packets (if you’re wandering what this is, there will be a blog post on this coming soon!) A powerhouse of antioxidants. The kit also came with roller tops and sample bottles, which I’m so stoked to use. If you’re interested in knowing exactly what it comes with this kit click HERE.

If you’re interested in ditching and switching your current home products with this amazing oily journey, feel free to sign up HERE!

Also if you have any questions feel free to contact me 🙂

My member ID is 16438722

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