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Getting back into the Word

Heavy title, right? Some of you know this feeling. Its like you know you need to get back to it, but you allow exterior things to get in the way of something that will benefit you the most on this earth.

Reading the bible becomes difficult when we look at it as a task. Like exercising (at least for me, LOL)

We need to pray and ask the Lord to change our perspective on this. BIG TIME. The Word of God is MORE important than food. Its more important than water. Have you ever had that feeling where you’re sooo parched that you could drink a whole water bottle in less than a minute?

Well I have. In fact, thats where I got my inspiration for this post. Today I was at a photo session shooting and this OVERWHELMING physical thirst came upon me. I didn’t feel like I had time to go anywhere and get myself some water so I was willing to wait another 2 hours without drinking.

Thankfully my client graciously offered me some water, and I took that water bottle and chugged it all in less than a minute! I’m telling you, it was like if I haven’t seen water in weeks.

Well, our spirits can’t live without its daily water. We NEED it. We may neglect it for a couple of days, weeks & even months but the only thing we’re doing is killing our spirits. And our spirit is much more important than our flesh.

We will die, no matter how much water we drank or how much exercise we do. One day we will physically perish. So lets not neglect the thing that can live for eternity, our spirit.

We need the Word of God to quench our thirst. We need prayer to feed our spirit and we need repentance to shower ourselves. All these things wipe off that nasty stench.

SOOO, you may be wondering… “What now? You just expect me to read this and pick up a bible or something?”

Yeah, actually.

Pick up your bible, grab a highlighter, a pen & a notebook. Light a candle or set off your diffuser. Set the tone like if you were about to meet with your significant other, because you are.

He wants to speak directly to you. He wants to reveal stuff to you and examine your heart in front of you. That we may not stay the same. That we may leave that place with something. Something that changed us- even the tiniest bit.

If you’ve never read the bible before, don’t panic. I was there 7 years ago. I get it. Lots of weird words and history. Its okay, its so powerful that you will receive, just be open to it.



  • PRAY. Before reading, invite the presence of God into your midst. Ask Him for heavenly revelation and understanding. Ask for guidance when reading.
  • MEDITATE. If you find a verse that stood out to you, take a moment to just reread it. Pray on it, chew it… Write it down and express what you felt when reading that.


  •  SPICE THINGS UP. Yes, like a date. I’m not kidding. Light a candle or something. Buy yourself some new reading material. I love diffusing my YL oils and using my SRT workbooks. Oh, and don’t forget your favorite coffee or tea!
  • DIG IN. Use resources like the Blue Letter Bible, bible commentaries, reading off of different translations or dissecting every couple of words. Its okay if you only got in 7 verses. It legit takes me 2 hours to get through 7 verses.


How I like to study the word:

  1. I like to cozy up, creating a warm atmosphere. Whether I study on my bed or on my desk. Although the bible app is an amazing resource, there is nothing like using a physical bible to highlight, scribble and take notes on.  But hey! The bible app works amazing for my husband, if that man is thirsty he’ll whip up that bible anywhere. Glory be to God lol!
  2. I go verse by verse when I study the word. Thats just me. Some people can just read through a chapter, but I find that a little difficult. I usually put a colon with the number of the verse and I either paraphrase what I read or what I understood. I love doing this with the gospels, Acts, Romans, etc..
  3. I like creating highlighting systems. I use different colors for different things. Purple for commands, Yellow for promises, Blue for warnings, etc…
  4. I enjoy digging into commentaries, AFTER I have already took notes on what I understood from the verse(s) I also use the Blue Letter Bible as mentioned to get a deeper understanding on certain words and their Hebrew/Greek origin.
  5. I love having a separate notebook for each book of the bible I study. I’ve done this with Hosea, Proverbs, Genesis, Psalms. Some I’ve created from scratch and some I’ve purchased through She Reads Truth. This is where I’ll take in-depth notes on each verse. It takes a while but its amazing. I’ve had my Proverbs notebook for 2 years and I think I’m only on chapter 10 out of 31… Its just a matter of picking it back up and continuing. There is always something to learn.

After reading this, don’t feel like you have to do what I do. God knows everyone is different, and it took me years to learn and I’m STILL learning.

So where to start? I’m starting in the beginning today. Genesis. I don’t care that its not January 1st. I need my living water RIGHT NOW. With that said, I highly encourage you to pick up your word and open it up. I doesn’t matter where or how, the Word never returns void.

PS. I will be creating a separate blog post soon on my Bible & its essentials! Highlighters, work books, etc..


God bless & mucho amor,





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