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Fall in Miami?

Yeah, yeah… I know. We don’t have an official Fall season in Miami, BUT that won’t stop me from getting my Fall-fix. I just moved into my first home, and its LITERALLY under construction. As you can imagine, its not easy to decorate when you don’t have furniture yet, not to mention there is of dust everywhere!

HOWEVER, I’m grateful I have a home and a place to sleep. Plus, my kitchen island is ready for business so I will start here!


Mind you, I’m a newly-wed so I told myself yesterday “Michele you have a $30 decor budget! Think Wisely!” so I did!

You’re probably thinking that my budget can probably only get me 3-4 little things & YOU’RE TOTALLY RIGHT! Now think about it, its all you truly need. Just a little bit here and there.

Here is what I got:

  1. A Cinnamon-broom Stick $7.99 (Trader Joes)
  2. 2 Mini Pumpkins $.69/each (Trader Joes)
  3. Decorative Wooden sign $8.79 (HomeGoods)
  4. Flowers $6.30 (Local Grocery Store)


Not only did I accomplish being under budget,  but my house smelled amazing. Between the cinnamon broom, my fall oil blends & flowers I was in Autumn paradise. I bought babies breath and orange roses. Thats it! I already had dried eucalyptus tucked in my garage from my wedding a month ago.

TIP: Eucalyptus and Babies breath dry out nicely, therefore, they last verrrry long. Its always a good idea to buy some here and there.

0P3A6643You see, you don’t have to go out an buy specific fall decor. You can simply re-purpose anything that looks woodsy and fall-like and rearrange the way you’re using it. Yes, even the burlap mats my wedding planner was going to throw away. I knew they would come in handy again. I created over sized coasters and placemats out of them and it adds the fall touch that we needed.

When shopping for decor think neutral and something that can be used year round (and easy to move into other spaces)

I already had a taupe colored candle that was gifted to us on our wedding day, a couple of wood stands from hurricane Irma, Burlap mats & dried eucalyptus from our wedding day. Oh! And a milk bottle in place of a vase.


Life & decorating can be simpler if we allow it to be! 🙂 Start practicing the art of re-purposing everything. How? Look around your space and think what can look good elsewhere AND move it! It wont hurt. Be creative.

Sometimes all a home needs is a little touch. Now when I look at that little corner of my kitchen island, I feel satisfied in celebrating the season we’re in. Harvest. I can’t wait to see what awaits in the Miami Winter 😉

To be continued..

Xo, Michele<3

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