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Journey to Marriage

The Journey to Marriage has been highly requested by our friends and family. This will be a seven-part series all about the process that my husband and I went through & the process to come.

Our hope for this series is to bring comfort to our readers and demonstrate how God glorifies Himself through this journey. The process from meeting and courting, engagement and marriage, ALL come with various trials. We think it is important not to disillusion people by thinking its all happiness and rainbows. It’s not all about the ring, wedding & house. Its sooo much more than that.

The series:

PART 1: How we met. & How we met II.

PART 2: Moments of insecurity.

PART 3: Season of separation.

PART 4: Discovering courtship.

PART 5: Season of engagement.

PART 6: Marriage 1-6 months in.

PART 7: First year of marriage.

Expect there to be testimonies, stories and lessons we’ve learned. Expect each part to have advice on things we would have done or handled differently. We pray that this series may help build a heart of prayer and may serve as wise counsel to many.

Also, feel free to send us your marital testimonies, questions and advice. We would love to feature and answer them with each part of the series. (Anonymously if you’d like) email us HERE.



Amner & Michele<3

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