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Journey to Marriage: How we met.

Lets go back to 2011, it was my junior year of High School. With that said, this so happened to be the school that the Lord led me to. It was truly special. Its where I received a christian education, learned how to read the word, worship and sooo much more. This school hosted an annual home-show, where the acrobats (a team I became a part of the moment I stepped in) would preform and showcase everything they learned in a uniformed manner for their friends and family.

Anywho, I was in the midst of running back stage after my scene ended as the “ring-leader” of the “circus” part of the home-show. I remember changing and peeking through the curtains to see how my team mates where doing. I was focused and ready for the next part of the show and I heard a mans voice behind me, “You’re hilarious.” I didn’t know what to say expect “thank you” and walk away.

Mind you, at this point I didn’t know who this guy was… He seemed fairly young but definitely out of high school. At the end of the show, a group of us ended up in a restaurant. *CORRECTION* 3 couples! Yes, I said three couples. I was with my boyfriend at the time, the complimenter was with his girlfriend at the time and another couple joined us as well.

Turns out the gentleman that complimented me behind the scenes was an alumni from the very high school I was led to attend. (When its time to blog about my testimony, you will understand how this all comes full circle)

He was still very active and involved in helping the school with big events and etc.. As time passed I would get asked by the drama teacher at the time or our Chaplin to learn lines for certain upcoming shows and events (as an understudy) Turns out I was an understudy to the guy who complimented me that one time. Yeah, the guy who years later would become my husband!

There where times where he would be able to make it and other times where he couldn’t. I would be excited when I could fill-in because I loved to act, in fact, I was a transfer student from a local art school.

I began to feel like we where competing all the time and I would get so annoyed by him because mean girls quote: “HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!” Now that I recognized him I would see him more often.


One day the acro-team was invited to showcase our routine during halftime in the heat stadium. I saw a celebrity there after our performance and Amner  (the guy I keep talking about AKA my hubby) took a picture of me and him. He asked for my number and then sent over the 2 images to my phone.

At the time I saved his number as “Abner Perez” LITERALLY SOOO OFF. I never thought that I would ever reach out to him, but I figured “why not save his number, he is also a youth pastor!”

And sure enough, it came in handy. Fast forwarding to a year and a couple of months along the line, that boyfriend I mentioned a little earlier broke up with me. I was like any other 18 year old girl who realized she gave a little bit too much of her self and felt like she invested everything into a 2 year relationship. Typical.

I cried on the phone with a good friend. She happened to be my bestfriend in high school and the most spiritual person I knew at the time. Her counsel was wise and full of love. She told me I needed to speak to a youth pastor. We went through a list of youth pastors that we both knew and no one seemed right for the job.

Then she mentioned Amner and we both agreed “PERFECT, Amner will totally know how to handle this.” Why? because he was on the younger end, therefore, more relevant. Secondly, he was a thespian like me,  his advice would probably fit like a glove.

As I called him, I was anticipating wholesome & relevant advice. Turns out that was FAR from what I was going to get. His first question, 2 minutes into the convo was “You have daddy issues, right?” I literally flipped. I was appalled by such a dumb question, like seriously… Thats all you got?

I began to tell him how he couldn’t be further from the truth because my dad was BOMB.COM okay?!?! I began to show lack of interest in the conversation and it some how shifted to disney and acting… Good save, babe.

Days pass, he is sharing articles, devotions and worship music with me via text. He was doing so in a “pastorly” manner. Encouraging me in the Lord and vise-versa. As weeks pass he reached out to let me know he will be preaching at a local church, extending the invite. I decided to go because he mentioned it would be something that would help me over-come the season I was in. That fall-2013-sabbath-morning he was preaching about “delaying gratification”, ironically…

to be cont…



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