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Getting back into the Word

Heavy title, right? Some of you know this feeling. Its like you know you need to get back to it, but you allow exterior things to get in the way of something that will benefit you the most on this earth.

Reading the bible becomes difficult when we look at it as a task. Like exercising (at least for me, LOL)

We need to pray and ask the Lord to change our perspective on this. BIG TIME. The Word of God is MORE important than food. Its more important than water. Have you ever had that feeling where you’re sooo parched that you could drink a whole water bottle in less than a minute?

Well I have. In fact, thats where I got my inspiration for this post. Today I was at a photo session shooting and this OVERWHELMING physical thirst came upon me. I didn’t feel like I had time to go anywhere and get myself some water so I was willing to wait another 2 hours without drinking.

Thankfully my client graciously offered me some water, and I took that water bottle and chugged it all in less than a minute! I’m telling you, it was like if I haven’t seen water in weeks.

Well, our spirits can’t live without its daily water. We NEED it. We may neglect it for a couple of days, weeks & even months but the only thing we’re doing is killing our spirits. And our spirit is much more important than our flesh.

We will die, no matter how much water we drank or how much exercise we do. One day we will physically perish. So lets not neglect the thing that can live for eternity, our spirit.

We need the Word of God to quench our thirst. We need prayer to feed our spirit and we need repentance to shower ourselves. All these things wipe off that nasty stench.

SOOO, you may be wondering… “What now? You just expect me to read this and pick up a bible or something?”

Yeah, actually.

Pick up your bible, grab a highlighter, a pen & a notebook. Light a candle or set off your diffuser. Set the tone like if you were about to meet with your significant other, because you are.

He wants to speak directly to you. He wants to reveal stuff to you and examine your heart in front of you. That we may not stay the same. That we may leave that place with something. Something that changed us- even the tiniest bit.

If you’ve never read the bible before, don’t panic. I was there 7 years ago. I get it. Lots of weird words and history. Its okay, its so powerful that you will receive, just be open to it.



  • PRAY. Before reading, invite the presence of God into your midst. Ask Him for heavenly revelation and understanding. Ask for guidance when reading.
  • MEDITATE. If you find a verse that stood out to you, take a moment to just reread it. Pray on it, chew it… Write it down and express what you felt when reading that.


  •  SPICE THINGS UP. Yes, like a date. I’m not kidding. Light a candle or something. Buy yourself some new reading material. I love diffusing my YL oils and using my SRT workbooks. Oh, and don’t forget your favorite coffee or tea!
  • DIG IN. Use resources like the Blue Letter Bible, bible commentaries, reading off of different translations or dissecting every couple of words. Its okay if you only got in 7 verses. It legit takes me 2 hours to get through 7 verses.


How I like to study the word:

  1. I like to cozy up, creating a warm atmosphere. Whether I study on my bed or on my desk. Although the bible app is an amazing resource, there is nothing like using a physical bible to highlight, scribble and take notes on.  But hey! The bible app works amazing for my husband, if that man is thirsty he’ll whip up that bible anywhere. Glory be to God lol!
  2. I go verse by verse when I study the word. Thats just me. Some people can just read through a chapter, but I find that a little difficult. I usually put a colon with the number of the verse and I either paraphrase what I read or what I understood. I love doing this with the gospels, Acts, Romans, etc..
  3. I like creating highlighting systems. I use different colors for different things. Purple for commands, Yellow for promises, Blue for warnings, etc…
  4. I enjoy digging into commentaries, AFTER I have already took notes on what I understood from the verse(s) I also use the Blue Letter Bible as mentioned to get a deeper understanding on certain words and their Hebrew/Greek origin.
  5. I love having a separate notebook for each book of the bible I study. I’ve done this with Hosea, Proverbs, Genesis, Psalms. Some I’ve created from scratch and some I’ve purchased through She Reads Truth. This is where I’ll take in-depth notes on each verse. It takes a while but its amazing. I’ve had my Proverbs notebook for 2 years and I think I’m only on chapter 10 out of 31… Its just a matter of picking it back up and continuing. There is always something to learn.

After reading this, don’t feel like you have to do what I do. God knows everyone is different, and it took me years to learn and I’m STILL learning.

So where to start? I’m starting in the beginning today. Genesis. I don’t care that its not January 1st. I need my living water RIGHT NOW. With that said, I highly encourage you to pick up your word and open it up. I doesn’t matter where or how, the Word never returns void.

PS. I will be creating a separate blog post soon on my Bible & its essentials! Highlighters, work books, etc..


God bless & mucho amor,




Young Living EO’s

It finally came in the mail and I haven’t stopped researching the different ways I can use my starter kit! Ahhh!

Heres the thing, I have been following Young Living for 2 years now. I have bought their Thieves essential oil through my sister in law and have gone back to her for it over and over. I figured that its their best seller and thats all I needed from them. I was doing fine ( So I thought) with my essential oils that I would occasionally buy from TJ Maxx & Whole Foods… But then it hit me, there were serious red flags!

For one, I couldn’t use this oils topically without them drying out my skin or affecting me negatively… I tried using an over the counter citrus oil from one of these stores in my water and it tasted like pure chemicals. I immediately freaked out and wandered why I almost put into my body… It led to weeks of research and serious study on what makes an oil a quality one.

WAIT, I forgot to mention… I had to throw away an essential oil named “Breathe” because the moment I diffused it I had the biggest migraine. I just knew there was something up with these so called “oils”


During my research I found out that companies are allowed to claim a bottle of oil as a 100% pure essential oil but it only has to contain 5% of what the oil claims to be… In other words there is another 95% that be artificial fillers, fragrances, extenders & you name it! Isn’t that just wrong…?

So I crawled back to my sister in law and she told me “Just do your research and you will see why YL is the best source for your oils, its beyond Thieves!”

No pitch, no need to sell… It was true. ALL OF IT.

Young Living truly stands apart in the essential oil world. Their farms set high standards for everything they do from planting to harvesting. They pay close attention to every aspect as they grow quality ingredients in order to produce the best Therapeutic-Grade essential oils.

One thing I learned throughout this experience is that we can’t trust over the counter brands as much as we may think. There is a reason for them not being able to call themselves “Therapeutic-Grade essential oils” even though they found their way around the marketing world and claim to be 100% essential oil (I mean, give me a break)

Also, the starter kit brought a little surprise, an eleventh oil! I was going to order Stress Away in my first Essential Rewards order after reading its benefits! So this was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Facetune_28-09-2018-12-31-09 2

ANYWHO. I already have a favorite fall blend that I will be sharing soon! It only took me 48 hours! (heart eye emoji should go here! LOL)

The starter kit brought the Desert Mist defuser, which is AMAZING!!! (That candle setting tho…) 2 NingXia Red packets (if you’re wandering what this is, there will be a blog post on this coming soon!) A powerhouse of antioxidants. The kit also came with roller tops and sample bottles, which I’m so stoked to use. If you’re interested in knowing exactly what it comes with this kit click HERE.

If you’re interested in ditching and switching your current home products with this amazing oily journey, feel free to sign up HERE!

Also if you have any questions feel free to contact me 🙂

My member ID is 16438722

Fall for Matcha

Can we just talk about Matcha for a second? Its everywhere. All over Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. I was so head strong about tasting this powerhouse of antioxidants that I marched into a local tea shop and tried the famous matcha latte…

YUCK! My friend Prissy and I literally spat it right out. It tasted like almond milk and grass had an ugly baby.

However, the hype was still on. The rich color was so beautiful to photograph that it was truly getting to me. I was on a mission. I determined to make the best matcha latte that anyone has ever tasted.


So around March 2018 I was thinking about what makes my favorite lattes taste good…

  1. SPICES: Cinnamon, ginger & pumpkin spice (because who does’t like fall spices?)
  2. RICHNESS: Coconut butter for some rich froth and creaminess!
  3. TEXTURE: Oat milk. The creamiest of all plant-based milks & EASY to mix with anything!

DONE! The gentle green beast was born, and its perfect for fall!


Here is how to make it:

  • Gather your spices.

I like to get mine from Trader Joes. Ginger, Pumpkin spice &  Cinnamon. (Yes, I know pumpkin spice contains all of them, including clove… but its not the same! TRUST ME.) Put a splash of each in in your NutriBullet/ blender of choice.

  • Tablespoon of Matcha.

I recommend the individual packets at Trader Joe’s.  This is great for matcha beginners. It gives you the right amount for just one serving and its very gentle. All so add this to the preferred blender.


  • Half a table spoon of Coconut butter.

If you want that froth… You NEED to include Coconut butter. It compliments all the ingredients perfectly. I recommend using Artisana Organics Coconut Butter. You can find it in your local health food store and amazon.

NOTE: Don’t add the Coconut Butter to your blender yet. Wait to add this last. You’re going to heat up a pot with the following ingredients:

  • A cup of Oat Milk.

Although you can have this latte with almond milk (or any plant-based milk of your choice) there is nothing like having it with Oat Milk. Oat milk is naturally sweet and eliminates the need of adding a packet of fully raw stevia or any sweetener for that matter. Its creamy and full of richness.

  • A splash of Water.

I don’t measure anything… I’m one of those cooks. So by splash I probably mean half a cup… 1/3 of a cup? Its honestly your preference. This step just helps liquidate the latte a bit and also allows you to have a bigger or smaller cup. (Your preference)

Once the oat milk and splash of water come to a boil, put it into the blender with the spices and matcha and mix away! DON’T FORGET TO ADD THE COCONUT BUTTER!!!


I might make a video on this soon. But let me just tell you. This latte is where its at! It has Fall written all over it. This matcha latte is a perfect Netflix-Cuddle-Up-&-Chill drink. It’s the best alternative for coffee & if you have 3 more minutes to spare in the morning, you will thank me! Give it a try & tag me at @cocomichele_

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello there!

If you know me, its been a long time coming. I’ve been talking about starting a faith & lifestyle blog for 3 years now. However, we all know its not time to move till He says so.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Michele! WELCOME!!! 🙂

I’m a Child of God.

I’m married to my dream dude, Amner Fernandez<3

I’m 23 years young… (If only aging can stop here!)

I’m a lifestyle/blogger photographer.

Hopefully, as this blog unfolds you will get to know me more! Some of you may be wondering why I started a blog, and I have three reasons why!

  1. I needed a space online to get my testimonies, messages, opinions & experiences across. My life has been one crazy whirlwind that I am so grateful for and can not wait to continue experiencing it. Why not document it?
  2. I have sooo many interests beyond photography, content creating and health. I am a coffee enthusiast, essential oil lover & grocery store fanatic. OH, thats not all: I find cooking to be one of my creative plug-ins.  I enjoy finding creative ways to do things such as, exercising, eating and doing laundry!
  3. Although I have a lot to say, I love to connect with others. This blog is not intended to be a one way street. Its open. I want this to be a safe space for anyone who is seeking one.


  • Christ-centered things. No seriously, it can be anything. Testimonies, what I’m currently reading with notes, lessons learned, Bible reviews, SRT follow alongs. ANYTHING.
  • REVIEWS UPON REVIEWS. I am a heavy Amazon & Trader Joes buyer and I love trying new things. Pictures will be included! (gotta make things look cute, ya know)
  • Essential Oil everything… Yes, I’m a total millennial, I know.
  • Vegan recipes & kitchen hacks!
  • Photography tips and tricks here and there. I have my own photo blog HERE if you’re interested in checking it out.
  • Marital lessons, date ideas, things we’ve learned & how things change over time.
  • Home anything. We just moved into our first home and I’m currently typing on the only table in the house 🙂 (as of now) ex. building & choosing furniture, DIYs, organization tips and hacks, etc..


  • Who I was vs. who I am
  • Why Morning Aria?
  • Starting a Blog (detailed version)
  • Working for influencers
  • Essential Oil Hauls
  • Current blends
  • Fall in Miami
  • Pantry Organization
  • 2018 best Amazon Products
  • Journey to Marriage